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Sustainable Giving Lecture at Abu Dhabi School of Management

In collaboration with Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation, ADSM organized a lecture on “Sustainable Giving”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Al Qubaisi, Head of Media Office, and was attended by ADSM students, faculty and staff.

During the lecture, Dr. Al Qubaisi emphasized the prominent role UAE plays as a country when it comes to providing humanitarian aid at a global scale reaching those in need in over 170 countries. He also discussed the humanitarian role of Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation in the UAE since its inception in 1992.

The lecture gave an overview of the Foundation’s mission, strategy, vision and values, and demonstrated the foundation’s humanitarian projects in various fields. Dr. Al Qubaisi also shared the story behind the Foundation’s new logo “ZAYED” which is inspired by a letter written by late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul in peace to his brother Sheikh Hazaa bin Sultan Al Nahyan. ADSM’s management thanked Dr. Al Qubaisi, and presented him with a trophy as token of appreciation, expressing interest in arranging similar events in the future to spread awareness about the role and activities of Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation amongst its students.