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“Meet the Experts” Session at ADSM

On Wednesday, 30 October, ADSM organized an interactive session for students to meet industry experts and successful entrepreneurs from the UAE. “Meet the Experts” Session at ADSM’s campus was presented by Dr. Huda Al Matrooshi – Executive Board Member at Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, and featured Mr. Mohammed Siddique Al Mutawa – Founder and CEO of Al Saher Group for Smart City Systems and Mr. Khamis Al Sheriani – Founder of Rafiq Application.

Attended by Prof Abdullah Elkwafi Abonamah – President & Provost of ADSM, the school’s faculty, students, and staff, the session focused on the role entrepreneurs play in the UAE economy and labor market, and the challenges they face.

Dr. Al Matrooshi thanked ADSM for providing the opportunity to highlight the successful experiences and accomplishments of UAE entrepreneurs in various fields. She also emphasized on the importance of raising awareness in the community on local UAE businesses and brands.

From his experience, Mr. Al Mutawa said that his main priority is the growth of UAE Economy, as he believes that it all comes down to motivating, training and enhancing the skills of UAE nationals. He highlighted that we all contribute to the growth of our community, and stated that it is essential to be up to date with the market and prepare to embrace the Smart Economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Fifth-Generation Mobile Communications in order to develop local businesses in these fields.

Whereas, Mr. Al Sheriani shared his experience with developing Rafiq Application which was launched in 2001. He talked about all the challenges he faced and lessons learnt during his journey. He mentioned that what helped him the most throughout his business journey was his patience and persistence. ADSM’s management thanked the experts for the brilliant session filled with useful insights, and for sharing the experience of their entrepreneurship journey with ADSM’s students to motivate them, and inspire them to embark on their own journey.