Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Management

Program Title:Master of Science in Business Analytics – AI Management
Credit Hours:36
Delivery Mode:Face-To-Face
AccreditationCommission for Academic Accreditation, UAE (CAA), DASCA
Language of Study:English
Duration:15 months – 18 months

About the Program

The emergence of big data and cognitive technologies will be the new norms of future business analytics in organizations. Governments and industries revolutionize their operations by optimizing such disruptive technology as strategic assets in their effective decision-makings. While such deployment creates exponential opportunity, future employees must acquire comprehensive managerial knowledge and, leadership skills in the trending management of big data and artificial intelligence. These analytics competencies will maximize the vast potential of expanding data opportunities to prescribe value adding needs of the customers and business environment towards organization competitive advantage.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics with Artificial Intelligence Management concentration is designed for students to understand the science behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the metrics to measure success with an organization. This program covers Artificial Intelligence in various businesses contexts to leverage AI in current business practices. This program will enable students to gain knowledge and competencies in AI oriented systems and embed intelligent-driven decisions within an organization.  Students will grasp AI managerial skills and comprehensive knowledge from various management perspectives, all while learning the trends and technologies available to tackle challenges in Artificial Intelligence Management.

Program Learning Outcomes

General Learning Outcome

Artificial Intelligence Management Learning Outcomes

Program Structure

Core Courses (All Required for Graduation)

Major Specific Core Courses (All Required for Graduation)

Thesis Courses (All Required for Graduation)

Major Specific Elective Courses (Two Required for Graduation)