Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurial Manager

ADSM produces new entrepreneurial managers and leaders– highly talented graduates equipped in the latest management techniques who take the lead in innovating, improving, and enhancing their environments. So, whether you find yourself in a start-up venture, a large corporation or a government entity, ADSM will develop your intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills sets and help you reach your goals.

We seek to produce a new cadre of entrepreneurial managers – highly talented graduates equipped in the science of management, who take the lead in innovating, improving and enhancing their environments.

Entrepreneurial Co-Curricula

Signature Learning Experiences – ADSM’s Signature Learning Experience (SLE) in the MBA allows you to experience the full Business Cycle, from concept to market launch, through practical action learning. The SLE:

  • Allows you to experience Entrepreneurial thought and action;
  • Gives relevance and context to primary course material;
  • Is supported by ‘just-in time’ self-learning modules that build practical knowledge and skills;
  • Demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of business; and
  • Develops soft-skills such as team work, interpersonal communications, formal presentations, time management and motivation.

ADSM’s MBA program Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) occur throughout program, giving you the opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it to entrepreneurial decision-making. The focus is not only on the development of the business skills necessary to be successful in a changing global environment, but also to give you the skill sets necessary to manage yourself and others in this context. The SLE emphasizes the importance of strong communication skills, and an ethical and societal approach to decision-making in a global context.

The MBA program transforms students through: