Quality Assurance

ADSM places the evidence-based approach of Quality Assurance at the center of the school’s strategic directions and operations. The Quality Assurance and Risk Management Office (QARMO) ensures that ADSM primarily meets the expectations of the latest national regulations and standards applicable to higher education institutions, including but not limited to the Ministry of Education’s Framework for the Compliance Inspection of Higher Education Institutions, ADEK’s Re-Authorization of Higher Education Institutions in Abu Dhabi and Authorization of New Higher Education Programs in Abu Dhabi, and CAA’s Standards of Licensure & Accreditation.

Furthermore, ADSM is committed to aligning its quality assurance processes with internationally recognized quality assurance best practices and guidelines. For example, ADSM has demonstrated this alignment by successfully securing its institutional international accreditation from the UK-based Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

ADSM is pleased to publicly share the main sections from its Quality Assurance Policy as below:

Policy Name: Quality Assurance Policy