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A Message From the Research Director

A major element of ADSM’s vision and mission is to encourage research that has practical application for both the local economy and society. ADSM focuses on providing a resources, guidance and research opportunities for students and faculty undertaking fundamental and applied research in the key areas of Business Management, Leadership, Business Excellence, Business Analytics, AI and Big Data, Information Security and other related fields. Such research will create new opportunities for ADSM to contribute to advanced solutions to local and global challenges.

Research Areas

In line with our mission, ADSM research is focused on the following key areas:

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Selected Publications

  1. Chugh, R., Lindsay, V, Ashill, N., & Crick, D. (2024). The influence of psychological contracts on exporter-distributor relationships and export venture performance: The conditional role of institutional distance. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 36 (3): 641-659 (Impact Factor 4.64; SJR Q1).
  2. Mateev, M., and Anadol, Y. (2024). Ownership structure and market competition: substitutes or complements? Evidence from the banking sector. China Finance Review International (forthcoming) (Impact factor 8.2/SJR list Q1).
  3. Muneer, M. H., Pasha, M. A., & Khan, I. R. (2023). Hardware-friendly tone-mapping operator design and implementation for real-time embedded vision applications. Computers and Electrical Engineering, 110, 108892. (Impact factor 4.3; SJR Q1).
  4. Alotaibi, T., Khan, I. R., & Bourennani, F. (2023). Quality Assessment of Tone-mapped Images Using Fundamental Color and Structural Features. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. (Impact factor 6.5/ SJR Q1)
  5. Khan, M. M., Ilyas, M. U., Khan, I. R., Alshomrani, S. M., & Rahardja, S. (2023). A review of license plate recognition methods employing neural networks. IEEE Access. (Impact factor 3.9; SJR Q1)
  6. Karam, A., Ashill, N.,Jayashree, P., & Lindsay, V. (2023). Localization in the United Arab Emirates: a study of stereotypes, organizational socialization, employability and work outcomes. Personnel Review, Vol. 52 No. 5, pp. 1362 (Impact Factor 3.15; Journal Ranking A on ABDC list)
  7. Malodia, S., Mishra, M., Fait, M., Papa, A., & Dezi, L. (2023). To digit or to head? Designing digital transformation journey of SMEs among digital self-efficacy and professional leadership, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 157, March 2023, 113547 (Impact factor 11.3; SJR Q1).
  8. Mishra, M. Chaubey, , Khatwani, R., & Nair, K. (2023). Overcoming barriers in automotive SMEs to attain international competitiveness: An ISM approach modeling. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 38(12), pp. 2713–2730. (Impact factor 11.3; SJR Q1).
  9. Mateev, M., Sahyouni, A., and Moudud-Ul-Huq, S. (2023). Banking performance and financial stability during COVID-19. Lessons from the MENA region. EuroMed Journal of Business (publication date: 11 April 2024) (Impact factor 5.2/SJR Q1). https://doi.org/10.1108/EMJB-07-2023-0182
  10. Mateev, M., Nair, K., and Golam, Khan (2023). Sustainable performance during the COVID-19 pandemic: A comparative analysis of Islamic and conventional banks. The Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment (Published online: 26 Mar 2024) (Impact factor 4.3/SJR Q1). https://doi.org/10.1080/20430795.2024.2334252
  11. Mateev, M., Tariq, M. U., and Sahyouni, A. (2023). Efficiency, market concentration and bank performance during the COVID-19 outbreak: Evidence from the MENA region. PLoS ONE 18(5), e0285403. (Impact factor 5.2/SJR Q1).
  1. Ramachandran, S., Balasubramanian, S., James, W. F., & Al Masaeid, T. (2023). Whither compassionate leadership? A systematic review. Management Review Quarterly, 1–85, 0123456789 (Published: 04 April 2023).
  1. Varshney, D. & Varshney, N.K. (2023). Self-concept and job performance: the mediating role of resilience. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. (Impact Factor. 4.6; SJR Q1).
  2. Siddiq, A., Ahmed, J., & Khan, I. R. (2022). GiTMO: An HDR10 Compatible Generic Tone-Mapping for Real-Time Video Play. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 68(4), 411-418. (Impact factor 4.3; SJR Q1)
  3. Thabtah, F., Spencer, R., Abdelhamid, N., Kamalov, F., Wentzel, C., Ye, Yongsheng, & Dayara, T. (2022). Autism screening: an unsupervised machine learning approach. Health Information Science and Systems 10, 26 (Impact factor 6.0; SJR Q1)
  4. Mateev, M., Moudud-Ul-Huq, S., Sahyouni, A., and Tariq, M. (2022). Capital regulation, Competition and risk-taking: Policy Implications for banking sector stability in the MENA region. Research in International Business and Finance, Volume 60, April 2022, 101579 (Impact factor 6.5/SJR Q1).
  5. Tubishat, M., Rawshdeh, Z.A, Jarrah, H., Elgamal, Z. M., Elnagar, A., & Alrashdan, M. (2022) Dynamic generalized normal distribution optimization for feature selection. Neural Computing and Applications Volime 34, pages 17355-17370 (Impact Factor 6.0, SJR Q1).
  6. Mateev, M., and Bachvarov, P. (2020). Regulation, ownership and bank performance in the MENA region: Evidence from Islamic and conventional banks. Emerging Markets Review Emerging Markets Review, Volume 47 (June 2021), 100789 (Impact factor 4.8/SJR Q1).
  7. Semaan, R., Lindsay, V. J., Williams, P., & Ashill, N. (2019). The influence of gender roles in the drivers of luxury consumption for women: Insights from the Gulf region. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 51, November, 165-175 (Impact factor 104; Journal Ranking A* on ABDC list)


Dr. Miroslav Mateev
Professor of Management and Director of Research