Research Highlights

Research Grants

In line with its mission and strategy, ADSM supports faculty and students to undertake and disseminate research. The School was recently awarded a research grant by the UAE Ministry of Education to undertake a research project, exploring the topic ‘Developing the UAE Gifted and Talented Ecosystem’. The ADSM project team includes the principle researcher from ADSM and international research collaborators.

Research Partnerships

ADSM strives to strengthen its research partnerships through developing tangible research projects and collaborations with Higher Education Institutions (HEI), government and private organizations locally and internationally. For example, ADSM’s Artificial Intelligence Management Institute (AIMI) was created to facilitate high-level research and interaction across academia, government, and industry on the critical role of artificial intelligence management in business and society. The aims of the AIMI are aligned with supporting the UAE artificial intelligence strategy 2031.


Dr. Miroslav Mateev
Professor of Management and Director of Research