Campus Facilities

Campus Resources

The Abu Dhabi School of Management is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi City in Al Hisn Area. The building is built for educational purposes to meet students’ needs.

ADSM location on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Az6Gbwz7dMc8yvXAA  

Auditoriums and Classrooms

ADSM’s campus provides classroom space, prayer rooms, a library, an Academic Support Center, computer labs, food services, and IT services. These facilities are up to date in terms of technology, and most are available for remote access, thus ensuring that students can access resources and class materials, connect with classmates and their instructors from locations off-campus.

Each classroom is designed with technology in mind and offers an environment which is conducive to learning. In addition to classrooms, with varied capacities, ADSM’s campus features an auditorium with a capacity for 100 attendees, which is used for classes and events.

Students may contact the Office of Student Affairs to book classrooms or other facilities on 02 6917800

Computer Labs

Computer labs are available to students, and a variety of computer-equipped classrooms can be used for presentation and group meeting areas when not being used for classes. The labs provide space for students to carry out assignments, research, access to the e-Library, and browse the internet.

IT Support shall provide technical support as needed on 02 6917760.

ADSM’s Library

The Library  is located on the ground, and has a range of books and journals which can be borrowed by students. The Library is also equipped with laptop computers and space for students to meet.  The e-Library provides world-class digital resources. Using your ADSM assigned username and password you access the e-library from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

Prayer Rooms

The ADSM Campus has dedicated Prayer Rooms for male and female students; both rooms are located on the Ground Floor. Students may also use the facilities at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Mosque, which is located at a walking distance from ADSM Campus.

First Aid Room

The First Aid Room is located in Room 2021, and is managed by a registered nurse. Students may contact the Room on 02 6917818, or visit it during working hours from 12:00 to 08:00 PM.

Student Lounge and Dining Arrangements

ADSM campus includes several areas which students could utilize for gatherings, including a large outdoor area. A fully equipped cafeteria, offering a variety of options, will be provided and will be located on the Ground Floor.


The ADSM Campus has student parking and there is overflow parking available in nearby public spaces.


ADSM provide a safe and secure environment for its staff and students. Security officers are on campus 24 hours a day and should you have any concerns about your safety or safety of others, you are encouraged to approach the security officers to seek assistance.

Recreational Activities

ADSM encourages its students to engage in recreational activities. The Office of Student Affairs arranges a range of activities, through the Community Engagement activities. Students are also encouraged to organize and engage with their own activities through student clubs, the Office of Student Affairs (Registrar@adsm.ac.ae) provides the required support.

Halls of Residence

ADSM does not provide accommodation services currently. If support is needed, the Office of Student Affairs (Registrar@adsm.ac.ae) will provide students with the required information on available accommodation options.