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ADSM Students’ Unique Learning Experience at Harvard University Campus in Boston

In collaboration with Alhambra U.S. Chamber, ADSM students successfully completed the Strategies for Developing Collaborative Innovation program, held at the Harvard University Campus in Boston, U.S.A., and delivered by graduate level faculty of the Harvard Business School’s (HBS), Entrepreneurship Management Unit including Dr. William Kerr – Dimitri V. D’Arbeloff , Dr. Zoë B. Cullen, Dr. Joshua Krieger, Dr. Benjamin Roth and Dr. Christopher Stanton.

The program focused on Entrepreneurship & Innovation as one of six tenets that HBS lists as a key differentiator, and the objective was to provide ADSM Graduate students with an HBS leadership development experience while building their entrepreneurial skills.

This intensive program was conducted over five days in an executive education format that combined lectures and case studies with group discussions and presentations. Dr. Wayne James, ADSM’s Assistant Professor in Management, accompanied the students as well in this academic experience, and supported them in experiencing this unique learning experience. In conclusion to the program, ADSM students met with Professor Michael Porter, who has taught generations of students at Harvard Business School (HBS). Professor Porter is a globally recognized economist, researcher, author, advisor and speaker, and his work in economic theory has revolutionized strategy and other fields. The students have massively enjoyed this exceptional experience and expressed their appreciation for ADSM for providing them with this opportunity.