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26 Students Attended Summer Study Abroad Course at the London School of Economics in London

26 postgraduate students participated in ADSM’s International Summer Program (ISP). This Summer’s course was held from August 5 to August 9, 2019.

The students led by Dr. Wayne F. James, Assistant Professor of Management, attended Summer Study Abroad Course at the London School of Economics (LSE) in the heart of London.

The Summer Course emphasized Concepts in Contemporary International Business Management.

Course topics included:  World in the 21st Century, Global Business in International Relations, Co-creation + Innovation in Business, Leveraging Innovative Ecosystems and Strategic Leadership.

The course introduced students to a variety of concepts that contribute to the dynamic environment of global business.

This is to enable participants to learn how to be effective leaders and utilize theories and frameworks in digital transformation, innovation, and creativity that are key drivers to success in Today’s Business World.

Students enjoyed the unique Academic experience and learned massively from LSE Faculty members lecturing in the program which included: Mr. Nilesh Dattani, Prof. Michael Cox’s, Dr. Yasar Jarrar, Dr Nadia Millington, Dr Will Venters and Dr Lourdes Sosa.