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Insights from Dr. Sunder Ramachandran’s Collaborative Study on Brand Loyalty

Dr. Sunder

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recent publication of an article co- authored by ADSM’s Assistant Professor of Management, Dr Sunder Ramachandran. The article titled “The Ebb and Flow of Brand Loyalty: A 28- Year Bibliometric and Content Analysis “, was published by Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology.

The article employs a bibliometric approach, analyzing 1,468 papers from the Scopus database. Various tools including R software, VOS viewer software and Publish or Perish are utilized. The aim is to portray the knowledge map, explore the publication years, identify the top authors and their co-occurrence, reliable documents, institutions, subjects, research hotspots, and pioneering countries and universities in the study of brand loyalty. The qualitative research study identifies gaps and emerging trends in brand loyalty through word cloud charts, word growth analysis and a review of highly cited articles from the past four years. Results showed that highly cited articles mention topics such as brand love, consumer brand identification and social networks.