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Dr. Mahima Mishra’s Latest Publication on Adoption and Impacts of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mahima

We are thrilled to announce the recent publication of ADSM’s Associate Professor, Dr. Mahima Mishra, titled “Adoption and Impacts of Generative Artificial Intelligence: Theoretical Underpinnings and Research Agenda,” published in the esteemed International Journal of Information Management Data Insights.

This article delves into the much-needed transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence, shedding light on its theoretical foundations and outlining a comprehensive research agenda. The article also explores the role of ChatGPT and other AI tools in revolutionizing marketing practices. Furthermore, the article explores how ChatGPT can revolutionize content creation, lead generation and understanding of consumer behavior, presenting marketers with invaluable insights and opportunities for innovation. However, ethical considerations remain paramount in adopting generative AI in marketing. The study delves into the importance of transparency, fairness, and ethical usage to ensure that AI-driven initiatives align with customer expectations and societal values.