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Student Council Receive Certificates of Appreciation from The President

On Thursday, 17th of November 2022, ADSM’s Student Council held a meeting with President & Provost, Professor of Computing, Machine Learning and Analytics, Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah. Council discussed their improvements, plans and achievements for the Fall 2022 term. They also had the chance to discuss with the management their issues, ideas and suggestions.

During the meeting, Dr. Abdullah El-Kawafi handed Certificates of Appreciation to acknowledge council’s ongoing efforts and contributions. Certificates were given to the following Students:

  • Khalifa Alkhoori – Student Council Chair
  • Sarah Ismail Al-Ali – Student Council Vice Chair
  • Mohamed Alhosani – Student Council Member
  • Rehab Almessabi – Student Council Member
  • Yamen Aljabr – Student Council Member


Student Council Meeting