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ADSM Case Centre Publishes More than 100 Case Studies at The Case Centre UK

ADSM is the first Institution from UAE to have a collection of case studies at the Case Centre UK. ADSM’s Case center was initially established in August 2021.

The collection consists of local and international cases by Faculty and students across various disciplines ranging from innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sustainability, entrepreneurship, operations management, supply chain management, HRM, leadership, organizational development, business analytics, quality and business excellence.

ADSM is proud of its Faculty’s and students’ continuous efforts led by Associate Professor and Case Center Manager, Dr. Muhammad U. Tariq as the collection has successfully exceeded 100 case studies.

ADSM’s case studies are being used by many universities worldwide, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Greece, Estonia, and Turkey. The Institution’s vision is to become the leading internationally benchmarked institute of higher learning in the UAE.

Visit ADSM collection at: https://www.thecasecentre.org/caseCollection/AbuDhabiSchoolofManagement

Visit ADSM Case Centre Website at: https://casecenter.adsm.ac.ae/