Research Award

The President’s Research Award aims at recognizing and promoting exceptional research within ADSM’s academic community. This initiative is a testament to ADSM’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and its dedication to fostering a vibrant culture of scholarly inquiry and innovation.

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, research plays a pivotal role in shaping future leaders, influencing business practices, and contributing to the broader knowledge economy. With this initiative, ADSM seeks to honor the outstanding efforts of our faculty members who are at the forefront of groundbreaking research, providing new insights and solutions to complex challenges in the realm of business and management.

The President Research Award Initiative encompasses several categories, each designed to cater to different facets of academic research, ensuring a comprehensive recognition of diverse research contributions.

Award Categories

  1. Innovative Research Award: Recognizes research that introduces new ideas, methods, or approaches in business and management. This award is for projects that demonstrate originality and have potential to significantly advance academic knowledge or industry practice.
  2. Interdisciplinary Research Award: Awards research that effectively integrates and applies concepts across disciplines, fostering collaboration across different fields of study. This category is ideal for projects that blend business with other areas like technology, culture, economics, or sustainability, creating novel insights.
  3. Early Career Research Award: Specifically designed to encourage and honor the contributions of faculty who are in the early stages of their academic careers. This award seeks to support emerging scholars who show promise in their research endeavors.
  4. Impactful Research Award: Focuses on research with significant practical implications. This category is for projects that have the potential to influence industry practices, inform policy decisions, or provide substantial societal benefits, demonstrating a clear and measurable impact beyond academia.


Dr. Miroslav Mateev
Professor of Management and Director of Research