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ADSM Organizes an E-Seminar on Re-inventing Entrepreneurship in the COVID-19 Era

On Monday, 27th of July, ADSM hosted an E-Seminar titled: “Re-inventing Entrepreneurship in the COVID-19 Era”. The E-Seminar brought together an International Eminent Panel of Experts who discussed the role of entrepreneurship during and post COVID-19. It was attended by ADSM students, faculty and staff. E-Seminar was also open to the public through Microsoft Teams and was attended by more than 90 participants.

The discussion points covered the high percentage of job loss around the world in various industries. It is out of COVID-19 pandemic that innovation and creativity will emerge out of Entrepreneurial ventures. COVID-19 can be the time to take something new and get innovative.

Panel speakers included:

  • Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah, ADSM President, Provost and Professor of Strategy & Innovation
  • H.E. Sara Al Madani, Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Leadership Expert
  • Ms. Vera Futorjanski, Board Member at LEAD; Digital Platforms and Ecosystems Expert at WEF; Innovation Expert at the UN
  • Dr. Yasar Jarrar, Strategy Advisor for the Middle East, Young Global Leader World Economic Forum, Research Fellow Harvard University, Agenda Contributor, World Economic Forum
  • Dr. Luca Iandoli, Associate Dean for Global Studies St. John’s University, New York and Ex-President of the European Council for Small Business and The International Council for Small Business
  • Dr. John Meewella, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Group CEO MiNiSV Mini Silicon Valley China-Europe Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.


  • Dr. Wayne F. James, Assistant Professor of Management at ADSM
  • Dr. Sunder Ramachandran, Assistant Professor of Management at ADSM