1. Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club at ADSM will be led by students passionate about innovation and solving societal and organizational “pain points” through starting and developing their own ventures. 

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Connie 

2. Wellness Club

The Well-being Club is committed to enhancing the mental, physical, and emotional health of its students. With a focus on awareness, support, and community building, the club’s objectives include educating the campus on well-being topics, providing a supportive network, and fostering a health-conscious community through various activities. Its goals are to empower students with knowledge for informed health decisions, improve overall student well-being, and cultivate a compassionate campus culture. 

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Tena

3. Fashion Club

The Fashion Club embodies the fusion of creativity, innovation, and elegance. The club’s primary objective is to cultivate a sophisticated environment where ideas are nurtured, skills are refined, and limitless opportunities are presented. In essence, the Fashion Club encourages its members to integrate fashion into their daily lives, not merely as an element of personal attire but as a significant cultural and creative pursuit. 

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Tena

4. AI Club

ADSM AI Club is a vibrant community where students interested in artificial intelligence, AI trends and tools come together to explore, learn and innovate.

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Evi and Dr. Neda 

5. Finance Club

The Finance Club role is to support and encourage undergraduate and graduate students to participate in different research and scholarly activities and will provides assistance to their projects, publications, and joint research with ADSM faculty. It will seek for financial support for students to sustain their participation in different research and community related events, including student case competition, industry forums, training opportunities, etc. 

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Mateev