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Signature Learning Experience Project Showcase

ADSM hosted its 3rd Signature Learning Experience (SLE) Project Showcase, an exclusive presentation of early-stage ideas seeking potential funding. During the event, the students presented 12 promising ideas and concepts, which they developed over the last 15 months through the school’s MBA-embedded Signature Learning Experience (SLE) program. All projects have taken innovation, sustainability, the use of technology, and commercial viability into consideration. Some projects that were showcased included the Moist Tube, an innovative smart irrigation system that  impacts agriculture as it preserves water and enriches the soil; Smart Booking System, a mobile app the solves booking and scheduling issues for businesses to ensure they are able to reach their clients 24 hours a day; and the JSmart Black Box car system that tracks and monitors car accidents to ensure safety of drivers and commuters. A distinguished  panel of Academics  and Industry leaders were tasked to judge the competition and select 3 winners that will be announced at graduation.

Guests at the event included ADSM MBA students, ADSM faculty, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, venture capitalists, seed investors,  engineers, scientists, researchers, and academicians. ADSM launched the SLE in 2013. This is the third SLE project showcase; to date the SLE has over 80 innovative project ideas designed and developed by students of ADSM.