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President Speaks in Symposium on Artificial Intelligence

ADSM President, Provost and Professor of Computing & Innovation, Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah spoke in Symposium on “Employing Artificial Intelligence in Education and Scientific Research”.

The Symposium was organized by TRENDS Research & Advisory on Wednesday, 6th April 2022.

Professor Abonamah focused on Machine Learning and AI Applications in Business from a Managerial Perspective. He spoke about how AI and Machine Learning capabilities can be used for Business Success. He explained how these technologies can help Leaders grow, improve and manage their businesses successfully. He also talked about the importance of using data and models to Managers’ advantage when making Business strategic decisions.

Other Speakers in panel included Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Director of Artificial Intelligence Cross Center Unit, Technology Innovation Institute who spoke about employing Artificial Intelligence in Scientific Research and the role of AI in education sector. Dr. Ahmed Dabbagh, Director of Professional Services, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence discussed Global Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Scientific Research.