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ADSM’s International Business Immersion Course (IBIC) with DHBW Mannheim, Germany

ADSM’s students, alumni and professionals successfully completed the International Business Immersion Course (IBIC) which was in collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW Mannheim), located in Mannheim, Germany.

The main aim of the course is to provide an international experience of how businesses operate in different countries. The 5-day Study Abroad program involved visiting major companies, lectures with DHBW Mannheim and some cultural visits.

The Group visited BASF –  the largest Chemical company in the world, Inland port – the largest in Germany and a crucial inland port for the transportation of goods within Germany and Europe, Roche – one of the top 3 pharmaceutical companies in the world, Heidelberger product plant – Europe’s largest producer of printing machines, John Deere – the world’s largest producer of agricultural tractors and many others.

The group also had an Interactive lecture with DHBW faculty. The discussions addressed comparing between UAE and German in terms of economy, business practices and business culture. The group massively enjoyed this exceptional experience and expressed their appreciation for ADSM for providing them with this opportunity.