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ADSM’s MBA Students Showcase their Entrepreneurial Projects

ADSM’s Signature Learning Experience is an important learning activity to transform MBA students into entrepreneurial leaders in the UAE. It is the culmination of the students’ journey of the MBA Program. Teams of students work to develop entrepreneurial projects from the initial ideation to the finished presentation. During the showcase on September 7th , twelve groups of students presented various innovative projects including Portable Smart Tables, Smart Homes System, Virtual Rehabilitation Therapy and other creative ideas.  The projects were evaluated by two eminent juries:

  1. Dr. Maya Rmeity who is Research and Communication Consultant at UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Program since 2020 and a board member at International Business Women Group – Abu Dhabi. She has around 18 years of industry experience
  2. Dr. Valerie Lindsay who is Professor of Management at ADSM. She has more than 25 years of experience as an Academic in UK, New Zealand and UAE. She has worked extensively in the areas of Entrepreneurship and small businesses in the private and government sectors

We are extremely proud of our students entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and creativity which was showcased their innovative projects.