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ADSM signs MOU with IFSA(USA) for Study Abroad Program

In a significant initiative to broaden educational horizons, the Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM) and the Institute For Study Abroad (IFSA), USA have formalized a partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU was signed by Dr. Abdullah Abonamah, President ADSM and Dr. Wayne James Fabian, Vice President Partner Engagement on behalf of IFSA.

This partnership is aimed at expanding academic boundaries and fostering intercultural competencies by connecting students with safe, high-calibre and global learning opportunities. ADSM and IFSA are dedicated to crafting and curating study programs that not only immerse students in local cultures but also provide access to some of the world’s leading institutions and tailor-made courses designed to promote insights and connections across disciplines.

Dr. Abdullah expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The signing of this MOU underscores ADSM’s dedication to equipping our students with exceptional educational experiences that surpass the confines of the conventional academic setting. Our alliance with IFSA reflects our proactive commitment to foster leadership that thrives on academic excellence and global cultural intelligence. Our partnership with IFSA ensures that we prepare our students not just for jobs of today but for the multifaceted global challenges of the future.”

Dr. Wayne James of IFSA echoed these sentiments, adding, “We are proud to partner with ADSM, an institution that values the depth of learning that comes from international exposure. Together, we are poised to unlock unparalleled opportunities for students to grow, learn, and acquire skills in a dynamic global setting.”

The IFSA is internationally known for its pioneering position in the study abroad community and its comprehensive understanding of higher education both in the U.S. and internationally. Through this partnership, ADSM students will gain preferred access to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

This MOU is a step forward in enhancing the profiles of both ADSM and IFSA as frontrunners in the study abroad domain.