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ADSM President and Research Team’s Groundbreaking Insights Take Center Stage in Forbes

Prof. Abdullah Abonamah

We’re thrilled to share that ADSM’s President & Provost, Professor of Computing, Machine Learning and Analytics, Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah, has been featured in a Forbes article titled “As AI Rapidly Becomes A Commodity, Time To Consider The Next Step”. Dr. Abonamah, leading a team of ADSM researchers, has contributed to the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption.

In a landmark paper from late 2021, Dr. Abonamah and his team foresaw the inevitable commoditization of AI, drawing parallels with the evolution of Information Technology as observed by Nicholas G. Carr. They predicted that AI, much like IT, would grow in potential while its strategic significance might diminish over time. The foresight of Dr. Abonamah and his team is now being recognized as early indicators of AI becoming a commodity have emerged.

ADSM’s research highlighted the importance of adapting business practices to maintain a competitive advantage in the AI domain. It emphasized the need for strong leadership and clear AI objectives, encouraging active employee participation in the AI journey.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and stay tuned for more insights from our President & Provost, Dr. Abonamah, and the innovative research team at ADSM.