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ADSM Meets Delegation from HEC Paris

Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah, the President & Provost of ADSM and Professor of Computing, Machine Learning, and Analytics, hosted a delegation from HEC Paris. Dr. Sultan Hussain, a Board Member representing ADSM’s board of Trustees, also attended the meeting. Additionally, the meeting was attended by the ADSM’s Academic Dean, Dr. Marc Poulin, along with Dr. Connie Van Horne and Dr. Marc Audi.

The delegation from HEC Paris was led by Dr. Philippe Oster, the Senior Executive Director. During the meeting, ADSM and HEC Paris engaged in discussions regarding their collaborations, which encompassed their MBA/UG programs, incubator/entrepreneurship initiatives, and learning missions bridging the two nations. HEC Paris, renowned as one of the world’s premier business schools, has played a pivotal role in the success of the “Station 7” incubator in Paris.