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ADSM Hosts ITMO University’s International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science

Abu Dhabi School of Management successfully hosted ITMO University’s 2023 International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science. The Conference took place at Grand Millennium Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi on 11 and 12 October 2023 and had Online Young Scientists Presentations.

First day of the Conference included Opening Remarks by ADSM’s President & Provost, Professor of Computing, Machine Learning and Analytics – Dr. Abdullah El-Kwafi Abonamah and Board Member, Dr. Sultan Hussain. This was followed by a keynote lecture by Dr. Abdullah Abonamah on the progress of AI from Data Science to generative AI within the last 10 years. Also, he discussed what AI could be in the next decade. Other featured sessions during the day included: Making Complex Systems Tractable by Dr. Peter Sloot – University of Amsterdam, current state and perspectives of Automated Machine Learning by Dr. Nikolay O Nikitin – ITMO University, vision-based human object interaction: understanding using knowledge by Dr. Konstantinos Papoutsakis and Topological approach for explainable AI by Dr Alexandra Vatjan from ITMO University.