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ADSM Achieves BGA Validation

ADSM is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Business Graduate Association (BGA) Validation for the full three-year period on November 13, 2020. With this achievement, ADSM has reached a significant milestone in its journey to obtain international recognition. 

The Business Graduates Association (BGA) is a London-based international membership and quality assurance body for world leading and high-potential Business Schools. Schools within BGA’s network share its commitment to responsible management practices, lifelong learning, and delivering positive impact for Business School stakeholders. BGA aims to ensure that Business Schools innovate and venture beyond conventional means of teaching, as such the impact and results of that teaching are stressed in our quality assurance process.

BGA Validation is the final stepping stone towards ADSM’s BGA Accreditation. It constitutes a cost-effective, time efficient and rigorous quality insurance process for ADSM to build on the pillars of positive impact, responsible management, and lifelong learning. Validation allows Business Schools to demonstrate integrity and strong advancement in areas of continuous improvement, innovation, graduate employability, sustainability and social responsibility.