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ADSM launches the Signature Learning Experience in Association with Imperial College London Business School

Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM) MBA Program  launched the Signature Learning Experience (SLE) in association with Imperial College London Business School (ICBS). The SLE is embedded into the curriculum to develop entrepreneurial leaders. These education experiences occur throughout the program, giving students the opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it to entrepreneurial decision making.

Professor Bart Clarysse from ICBS  was invited to lead ADSM’s graduate students on their entrepreneurial  journey and introduced a unique online platform called the Entrepreneur Toolbox that is designed to support the students throughout the process from idea creation to project implementation.  Professor Bart holds the Chair in Entrepreneurship at ICBS,  the Director of the Innovation Entrepreneurship and Design Center and is  the Author of the Smart Entrepreneur.

ADSM’s graduate students’ represent a variety of industries from both the private and government sectors. Students were asked to identify ideas  based on the premise that over the next 10 years, 2 billion people will be added to the population of this planet. Many issues arising from concerns regarding food supply and climate change will have an impact on the world. They were tasked with the responsibility to find a solution to many of these issues concerning the exponential growth in population, and  20 unique projects ideas have been identified.

Students were then asked to work in teams to define the nature of their business opportunity and assess if their ideas represent the best solutions for these challenges. Once they finalized their business ideas, the students  were asked to map the value chain in order to identify the kind of tools and analyses needed to begin their  journey.

The SLE is a unique model offered at ADSM and is designed with the principle of action learning and is an approach to solving real problems that involves taking action and reflecting upon the outcomes. The learning that results helps improve the problem-solving process as well as the solutions the team develops.