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Abu Dhabi School of Management launches its new Industry Academia Partnership Program with ADNOC Distribution

The Industry Academia Partnership Program aims to support Abu Dhabi School of Management, through its Center of innovation and Entrepreneurship, in improving its entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship education and research output through partnership with industry and UAE stakeholders. The program is based upon the premise that increased links between industry and higher education can improve quality and foster innovation within the pedagogy and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Mr. Mohamed Al Maflahi, Vice President, HSSED – Health, Safety, Security & Environment Division, ADNOC Distribution was invited to speak to our graduate students and shared engaging business challenges facing ADNOC Distribution which created a learning environment that brought  practical decision making from the boardroom into the classroom. “I am glad to see the interaction and level of engagement demonstrated from the students which we hope will bring the innovation spirit from those who will take the challenge of these projects.” Maflahi said.

This partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial  relationship as it will foster ADSM’s Action Learning approach, to provide students the opportunity to develop on-the-ground, innovative solutions to help ADNOC Distribution’s pressing business challenges

This program is designed as a mentorship program for ADSM graduate students to support the Signature Learning Experience (SLE) research activities and program objectives, and provide students with a venue to create a sustainable solution that resolves a business issues within ADNOC Distribution in areas involving risk management, safety, health, environment and security. Through this program students will gain access to ADNOC Distribution technical experts, as well as ADSM subject matter experts from the  idea creation stage to potential project implementation.