Signature Learning Experience

ADSM’s MBA program incorporates Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) into the curriculum to develop entrepreneurial leaders. These education experiences occur throughout the program, giving students the opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it to entrepreneurial decision making.

The focus is not only on the development of the business skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing global environment, but also to give students the skill sets necessary to manage themselves and others in this context. The SLEs also emphasize the importance of strong communication skills, an ethical and societal approach to decision making- all within the context of a global economic environment. Here are a few examples of how these experiences are brought to life:

Idea Creation

Creating is the first step in Entrepreneurial Thought and Action. Students will explore and experience something new as they are challenged to take risks, make a difference, and to be innovative and unconventional. Student groups will deliver a creativity presentation for their MBA peers, faculty, and the ADSM community.

Team Building

Students tackle the question of how to build effective teams. Through indoor and outdoor activities, students gain insights into their own and into their peers’ behavior in teams. Students also have an opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback, and use tools to help others contribute positively to team endeavors.

Feasibility Analysis

Once students have an idea in mind, the next step is to analyze its feasibility. Feasibility is critical, whether one is interested in new venture creation, corporate or social entrepreneurship, or any new project or process. In this project, students work to understand the customer group and its needs, assess the durability of the opportunity, understand the competitive landscape and identify possible business models that provide value to both the business and its stakeholders.


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