Campus Facilities

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ADSM’s campus offers a safe, vibrant and stimulating learning environment through well-equipped, contemporary facilities.

Auditoriums and Classrooms:

ADSM has 2 well-appointed auditoriums with seating capacities of 90 and 65. The auditoriums are equipped with laptops, LED screens, smart boards, surround sound and microphones. Auditoriums are used for course delivery, seminars, and workshops and activities. Auditoriums are located on the ground floor of Villa 1 and 4 and have easy wheelchair access.

Classrooms are scattered throughout the campus and are equipped with modern technology to enhance the classroom experience. Each classroom accommodates the needs of students and the instructor.

Auditorium and classroom booking enquiries can be directed to Student Affairs on 02 691 7811.

Computer Labs:

Computer labs are available in most villas, and a variety of computer-equipped classrooms can be used for presentation and group meeting areas when not being used for classes. The labs provide space for students to carry out assignments, research, access to the e-Library, and browse the internet. Each lab consists of desktop computers, high-speed printers, scanners and DVD burners. The IT department shall provide technical support as needed.

Library Resource Center and e-Library:

The Library Resource Center is located on the ground floor of Villa 6. The Center has a range of books and journals which can be borrowed by students. The Library is also equipped with laptop computers, and space for students to meet.  The e-Library provides world-class digital resources. Using your ADSM assigned username and password enables students to access the e-library from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

Student Lounge:

Each building on the ADSM campus has common lounge areas which can be used as a meeting place for students and as dining areas when food and beverages are being catered for a class. Students are welcome to use this space for informal meetings, to get together to discuss projects, or simply to relax.


The ADSM campus has student parking and there is overflow parking available in nearby public parking. On particularly busy days, a valet service may be provided.






ADSM provide a safe and secure environment for its staff and students. Security officers are on campus 24 hours a day and should you have any concerns about your safety or safety of others, you are encouraged to approach the security officers to seek assistance.


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